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We had been engaged for a little under a year and decided we wanted to start trying to get pregnant. Our wedding was going to be in June so we decided that we would start 3 months before then. The thinking was: it would probably take a little bit to get pregnant but if by some chance it didn’t, we could then potentially even announce it during the wedding! We were excited.

It got to be that time of the month and my period was late after just the first month trying! We waited 3 days after my period should have started to take the test. I went into the bathroom and noticed some spotting but took a test anyway. Negative. And that spotting was the start of my period. I had gotten so hopeful that it was painful going to a friends baby shower the very next day. We knew it had been a long shot for it to be the very first time but we had been hopeful. Maybe next time.

The way timing worked, I wanted to wait a full week after when my next period should start before taking a test, to try and be really sure. Guess what! Waiting a full week would mean the day before our wedding! With that info I had a choice to make; when should I take the test?

The day before the wedding? Then we would be super giddy and have a hard time hiding our excitement about the new news during our wedding.

Omg I would have been SO distracted during our wedding if we knew the day before. I, Dennis, take you baby, I mean pregnant, I mean Rachel, as my lawfully wedded baby mama, I mean wife… shut up 👉 👀

The day of the wedding? I decided that was a bad idea because we would already be dealing with so much emotion from the wedding itself it would be wayy too overwhelming to add potential pregnancy on top of that.

The day after the wedding? That would mean that all the wedding excitement would be finished and we would just be basking in the afterglow.

When my period was late this time I tried not to get too excited about it. The week carried on and I noticed that I was insanely thirsty! I normally don’t drink very much so this I thought to be odd. The day before the wedding came upon us and we decided that the third option was most ideal.

After a most magical wedding we woke up pretty late the next morning. I had to pee really bad but J (my step son) had come in to say good morning to us. I explained to Dennis how it might not be optimal to have J actually present for the results and somehow managed to wrangle my dad into taking J for a tour around the inn where we had all stayed the night. As soon as we had some privacy I went to take the test.

I was SO glad we waited until after the wedding! Our wedding day was full and busy and emotional in and of itself. ❤️

Three minutes later and I made Dennis look first. Positive! Holy guacamole! What a way to end a wedding weekend!

Looking at that positive test, I wasn’t even sure what I was looking at. Which line was which? A plus sign or a single line or WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN?!? Wait it’s positive. Woo it’s baby time!!

All during breakfast that morning, we were sat around a table with lots of wedding go-ers. Repeatedly looking at each other, knowing what we knew but no one else did and we couldn’t say anything! it was so surreal at the time.

The best thing was that we could tell EVERYONE in Australia, where we spent our honeymoon. We will be back!

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